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Business workshops


Holistic view of the company
We consider the company as a functional organism
formed by people living
with a common goal.

The harmonization of the people and the recognition of ”Soul of the enterprise” help to align the common goals towards success.

Our method is based on the active listening, observation of the people in their work environment considering all the personal aspects, focusing on the unconscious behaviors to change and harmonize them towards common goals..



This seminar is made for all companies looking for a peaceful and productive working environment

It is known that we work better and with greater productivity if we like the environment and we feel part of the team. Sometimes certain dynamics create uncomfortable situations between people; they get sick, stay home and lower the productivity. This starts a chain reaction of discomfort in the workplace.

In this meeting the objective is to empower the person to manage their own moods, observe the situations that generate tensions and evaluate each individual in the group.


Workshop conducted by Claudia Boschi

Group Harmonization

Create openings with various tools depending on the situation and the environment


Practical excercises and meditations

Self-treatment for stress

Practical excercises

Tools for personal development

They vary depending on your environment and needs

Techniques for relieving pain

Practical examples of self-treatment

Preventing tensions

How to recognize situations and take actions before the tensions



Duration Morning or Afternoon

hours 3

Complete workshops

PriceGroup price


VAT included

Possibility to have a full day. Contact us for the price.


– Relax and harmonize the work environment
– Accept the weaknesses of employees and improve their strengths
– Reducing tensions
– Unleashing stress
– Tips for self-treatments
– Obtain a more collaborative environment in which all feel supported and not criticized

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