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Integral Treatments

Holistic View


AURUM VITAE is the result of years of research, investigation and hands on practice. I realized that each individual needs a personalized and multifaceted treatment plan to achieve long lasting, effective results for holistic well being.

We are body, soul and spirit. We live in a context of social, family and work environments, where every physical and emotional experience alters the system.

Therefore the is to accompany people throughout their process of harmonization and the development of their gifts, to allow their soul to find it´s mission in life, whilst maintaining healthy bodies.

The path is personal and no one can walk it for us. However, there are people who can accompany us for some of it and share their talents to guide us in finding our own inner beauty and strength. This will lead to wellbeing and abundance as we shine our light.

Everyone can benefit from different tools and people during the various stages of life. Everything we experience brings us closer to our inner strength: practicing sports, eating healthy, releasing trapped emotions, taking care of oneself, spending time wisely. Living life to the fullest…


AURUM VITAE uses various techniques like Coaching, Cellular Bioenergetic Osteopathy, Reiki, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Ayurvedic wisdom, Shiatsu, Neuralgic Points to connect to the person and his needs at the moment.

We work to eliminate local and general pain to achieve a balance in the bodies through shifts in body consciousness.



Individual sessions can be made on the stretcher and change according to the needs of the person and the moment.
They are a fantastic opportunity for those who feel well and just need to awaken the inner magic, get more energy, strength or know the way to go.
The path towards balance also helps to eliminate the pain and strengthen the body-consciousness.
Each person is unique and each encounter towards the inner Gold will have a different magic situation.

INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS  Pericardium Liberation

They are carried out on the stretcher and contribute in an equal way in the process of Liberation towards the Gold of life. (Research for M. Gascón)
1st session  € 100
Sporadic sessions € 80
Regular sessions € 70



This process starts with the commitment of the person to want a change. You cannot get different results doing the same. If you want to change something in life or of a situation, this is a unique opportunity for healing and balance.
We need energy to enjoy the journey of life and to overcome what we live as difficulties. This process helps to eliminate and neutralize the toxins from the liver, the lymphatic system the digestive system and strengthens the immune system. Some of the effects of these sessions are:

  • Regenerating
  • Stress Reduction
  • Recovery of vital strength and mental clarity
  • Improves blood oxygenation
  • Improvement or elimination of physical and emotional pain
  • Increases the peace and good humor

Package of 10 sessions € 615



The energy for the path to healing and changes is unlimited in time and space.
If you are looking for help, we are here and we are there too.

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