The cells have the function to produce energy, the toxins limit or prevent the proper production of this energy.
Detoxification is the natural process of the body to eliminate and neutralize toxins through the liver, the kidneys, urine, feces, exhalation and perspiration. However, today we live in an age where the accumulation of toxins is such that our body is affected in its self-cleaning ability by creating a bio-energetic imbalance. The only way to restore body balance is to eliminate toxins from the interior changing our habits gradually.

How do we ingest toxins?

  1. With food: intake of refined foods with colorings, flavorings, preservatives, excess fats, etc. produces oxidative stress.
  2. Drink water or artificial beverages with an acid pH
  3. Living in environments with excessive exposure to electromagnetic fields (TV, radio, cell phones, microwave ovens, computers, synthetic clothing, etc.)
  4. Through the air we breathe we inhale smog, dust, chemicals, deodorant substances, polluting gases, etc.
  5. Consuming drugs, excess medicaments, alcohol, cigarettes, etc.
  6. Auto-toxicity: it may come from different pathological circumstances or disease processes, but it can also be caused by negative emotions such as anger, hatred, resentment, envy, fear, stress, etc.


How can we get rid of toxins?

  1. Balanced diet: plenty of water, fruit and vegetable juices, short fasts, etc.
  2. Exercise, depending on the body type
  3. Cellular detox sessions to eliminate the toxins trapped in the dermis layer
  4. Using herbs, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, antioxidants, enzymes, amino acids, etc.


What are the advantages of these detox sessions?

On a mental and emotional level:
– Increased vitality
– Increased concentration
– Increased mental clarity
– Increase of perception
– Increased energy
– Better sleep
– Relieve stress
– Balancing the meridians


On the physical level:
– Relieves pain
– It improves the absorption of nutrients
– Improves liver function
– Improvement of conditions of incontinence
– Adjust your metabolic rate

– Improves kidney function
– Reduction of varicose veins
– Increased blood oxygenation
– Reduction of fluid retention
– Increased feeling of wellness
– Reduction of inflammation
– Improvement of endocrine function
– Improvement of arthritic symptoms
– Improvement of dermatological conditions
– Rejuvenation of the dermis
– Elimination of the menstrual pain and cramps
– The neutralization of organic toxins

– Helps to improve the conditions of the gout
– Prevention of chronic and degenerative diseases


How are the detox sessions?

  1. The first part is concentrated in the activation of the liver, kidney and lymphatic system
  2. An individualized food plan is given adapted at the time of each person
  3. Cellular activation through specific points of the body
  4. Techniques that vary from session to session
  5. It always ends with an energy balance