Distant healing sessions

The energy for the path to healing and changes is unlimited in time and space. If you are looking for help, we are here and we are there too. To perform a distant healing session is enough to think of the person to connect with its energy. As the phones are used to reach, speak and influence someone’s life around the world, in the same way, the distant sessions connects with the specific vibration of the person.It is very important to have the consent of the recipient of the session, that’s why we only accept written request by the applicant. With pregnant women we don’t treat the fetus and for children under age, we do it just prior written consent of their legal guardians.

How to do to receive distant healing sessions?

1. Contact us to receive a questionnaire, which when completed, allows us to have a history and a brief presentation of the person and their situation.

2. We will fix an appointment by web or pone: Skype/WhatsApp/Lin /Imo/Viber. In this session we interact actively in real time to ask questions and communicate important matters.

3. Distant Session will take place within 48h from the web/phone consultation: a full one-hour session is received.

4. Feedback within 1 week after the session via Mail/Phone. Evaluation of the obtained changes, improvements.

Total investment: 150 €     |   For following sessions: 100 €

To request a distant healing session please contact us

More information

What is Distance Healing??

Distance healing is any form of energy “sent” through time and space that is received and has a healing effect on the receiver. With this type of work, you do not have to be physically present at the session to receive its effects. This type of session is effective because in holistic medicine, we are working with the physical, emotional and mental aspects by accessing the individual’s energy body.

The illusion of time and space

The perception of physical reality that most of us live is that this is conditional and dual. What does that mean exactly? Our experience of this physical reality is governed by perceptions that time and space are real and permanent. We live within the time and space which means that our perceptions are locked in the paradigm that things are not only separated by distance, but that time only moves in a forward direction. This perception, especially the time, is one of the blocks that keep us firmly rooted in the physical world, limiting our ability to manifest changes and experiences.
Many have said that time is an “illusion”. It exists only because we need to believe is true and it serves a good purpose to keep us grounded in physical experience that is right where we need to be to continue with our daily activities. But at the same time, this belief limits us to a greater understanding and experience of life.

How can we transcend time and space?

When brain waves are altered, one is able to understand, perceive and experience a sense of unity of all things where there is no distance or separation. From a unity state of perception, it is possible to instantly access to the needed information and the healing intention is then transmitted to the customer. From this point of view, everything in the past, present and future is happening simultaneously. All the meeting points of information are easily available and the therapist needs just to ask to see certain benchmarks to perceive the knowledge or to change the events and results.

The Quantum Entanglement

What healers, shamans and practitioners of holistic medicine have known for millennia, modern science is now beginning to discover and explain through the quantum physics. What quantum physics has revealed (at least in theory) is that time is not fixed, nor is linear, it only flows in one direction. Time is fluid and flows back and forth at the same time. The future may affect as much as the past. The past can be altered as much as the future. From this point of view everything is happening at once, there is no past or future, only the present moment.

What science is also discovering about space or the “distance” between objects is that they are not really separated as it seems. Although we experience them as separate from us, this again is nothing more than a perception of our limited belief in the illusion that time and space are fixed.
Therefore, if the universe was born of the same material, then it cannot, by definition, ever be separated. In other words, it’s all a hologram – the part contains the whole and, in fact, the part is the whole and vice versa.

Do distant healing sessions work?

The answer to this question is YES! Remote sessions work just as well as the physical sessions. In my practice, I love giving distant sessions because in the end, all you have to work with is the body’s energy.

Is permission always asked to book a distant sessions?

I think it is appropriate at this point to note that in any medical profession, the customer consent is vital. Sending energy into space from someone without their knowledge or consent is unethical even if the intentions are for the highest good. We always ask permission for distant healing sessions.