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Claudia Boschi

Claudia Boschi is the founder of AURUM VITAE, a Golden path in Life.

Coach through body contact, to harmonize soul, body and spirit; free trapped emotions and help to dis-cover our unique talents. The goal is to meet the path that each one has to walk.  Claudia was born in Italy and has lived in Japan, Germany and is currently residing in Spain. Her consultation is in the heart of Barcelona where seminars, workshops and courses take place too.

During her first professional step in Italy, Claudia acquired traditional western medical knowledge and experience as the Chief of nursing and later as the Director of a private hospital. She furthered her education abroad, learning various holistic methods as well as energetic and manual techniques.

Claudia doesn’t follow a unique technique, she has complemented her formation and holistic experiences with Coaching, Naturopathy, Reiki, Homeopathy, Nutritionist, Osteopathy Bioenergetics Cellular and Liberation of the Pericardium (research of M. Gascón). Furthermore are integrated manual energetic tools learned during the years lived in Japan, Germany and Spain.

Spiritual advisor

When she was 31 years old, after a tough personal circumstance, Claudia experienced what she considers a second awakening, a spiritual transformation that marked the beginning of her journey to become a spiritual advisor.

After the Japanese experiences that have helped to consciously reconnect with her spirit guides and Higher Self, Claudia continued her trainings. Developing the gift to help others to reconnect and re-awaken the consciousness and regain their journey of life. She guides us to live differently, with a healthy heart in an free body, to find the Gold of Life and live the hard times as an opportunity.

Claudia has treated many people, participated in conferences and presentations, facilitated meditation groups, seminars and courses by herself or in collaboration with other facilitators.

Claudia Boschi, life coach y fundadora de Aurum Vitae

“”Every little bit helps in life, everything has its time. I thank allopathic medicine for its important role. But I think it is appropriate to explore also other paths that allow us to balance our life force and make us grow as people, freeing trapped happiness.”

“We are what we are thanks to the experiences and people we meet on our way. The more experiences we live, more tools we have to share. “

“Difficult times, loneliness and disease are opportunities to make changes that otherwise we don’t dare to do. Having an external help from people who have had similar experiences, helps to go through the changes in less time and with more strength.”

FIND YOUR TALENT:  Claudia Boschi , coach and spiritual guide, tells us during the Boira program, how to find our inner gift, that special talent that differentiates us. Denying it can be what separates us from our happiness.

LIBERATION OF THE PERICARDIUM: In this interview of Mindalia TV, an important network of social support through the thought, we get to know the importance of the pericardium during the healing process.

THE BODY TALKS TO YOU: A Boira program interview with Claudia Boschi, wellness coach and spiritual guide. Can we discover our life mission through the messages of our body is sending us?


Alex García, director y presentador de Boira -magazine alternativo que lleva más de 6 años divulgando los misterios de la ciencia, la historia y la espiritualidad- entrevista a Claudia Boschi. Comparte cómo a través del Amor y la Alegría podemos ser alquimistas de nosotros mismos. Nos recuerda que nuestros propios dones y bloqueos nos abren o cierran nuestro corazón. Nos acerca a la comprensión de nuestro cuerpo para disfrutar de la vida con plenitud.


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