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Sessions for Business


Holistic view of the company

We consider the company as a functional organism
formed by people living
with a common goal.

The harmonization of the people and the recognition of ”Soul of the enterprise” help to align the common goals towards success.

Our method is based on the active listening, observation of the people in their work environment considering all the personal aspects, focusing on the unconscious behaviors to change and harmonize them towards common goals.

Group harmonization

Create openings with various tools depending on the situation and the environment


Expand the concept of leadership, getting into the experience of a common experience


Techniques to self-manage toxic situations


Practical exercises




hours 3

Complete seminar



Group VAT Included

Possibility to have a full day. Contact us for the price


  • Control and comprehension of the goals
  • Understanding of employee strengths
  • Obtain an environment with more collaboration
  • Reducing tensions
  • Managing Stress
  • Self-treatment techniques
talleres para empresas - sesiones de empresa Aurum Vitae

Workshop conducted by Silvestre Ríos and Claudia Boschi

Claudia Boschi


Silvestre Ríos


Creator of the technique Aurum Vitae that allows rebalance the physical body, understand and heal relationships that we have created suffering and illness, advancing our way of life when we are blocked and find harmony in the environment in which we live.

 Claudia Boschi

His career as business executive led him to investigate new formulas to develop the potential of people and their integration .The company is an organic system and as such for its proper functioning it’s necessary to take care of each of its components.

Silvestre Ríos

Aurum Vitae - Claudia Boschi
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